Flexographic printing


Sipco prints up to 8 colors with a center cylinder printing machine without gearwheels. High-quality finished products, the possibility to print any repeat lengths, reproducible results in case of repeat orders by our high-quality color-composing and color mixing systems are characteristic of Sipco prints.

According to your wishes, we offer you e.g. the backing-up (also called perfecting) – by which first the motif is printed on the underside of a length of film and, in a second step, the printed side is laminated against another length of film. Apart from that, there is recto printing by which the motif is printed on a length of film from the front – with the disadvantages of less abrasion resistance of the colors and less shine.

In case of mixtures (rarely used), the film is printed in backing-up without a second length of film laminated against it (that is an exception and not to be used in case of food packaging).


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