The Team

production-03Our staff is an essential part of our work.

Our committed employees have, in particular, the following in common: the fascination with outstanding product solutions and the pleasure in working in the team. Together with our customers and partners, they give best performances. The high standards which unite them beyond the bounds of their direct responsibilities make a lot of things much easier.

Thus our sales department, for instance, takes a very special position. It is not only in charge of giving advice and selling, but it is also involved in the development of products. It looks after our market partners, coordinates – together with the others – the whole production process of our films and accompanies the entire development of packaging solutions up to the moment the final product is handed over.

And, as a team can really be good only if everybody can rely on each other, we already convey the significance of autonomy and permanent willingness to learn to our trainees. Sipco supports the social integration of the employees, who come from all over Germany, and encourages their professional and personal development. We deem this as an essential investment in securing our position on the market.


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